Steve "Colonic" Cronk

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Any kind of hoppy ale, Pale Ale''s, Pilsners, Lagers, just about anything.  Altough I have one rule NO FRUITY BEERS!

Beer, paintball, talking about beer, talking about paintball, hanging with the family

Working, Stupid People, cheaters, working with stupid people and watching the Jets throw away another season.

"OK..On the count of three... One...two...wait, wait, wait.  I want to get closer"

Paintball, carpentry/woodworking, cooking, video games, and working on home brewing now too!

Why I love the game:
Great release of the pent up agression that has built up since the last game.
I have always thought paintball saves lives!

First game:
1998 (I think)

Joined Pub Crawling:

Here is my tale:
Rumor has it I named my son after our great Captain MJ.

Steve "Colonic" Cronk

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