Kevin "Lemming" Verratti

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Killian's, Newcastle, Honey Brown, Pelforth Brune. I will give you a case of paint if you bring me a case of Pelforth. I am 100% serious about that.

Melting things, Zen, attaining omnipresent super galactic oneness, my friends and this stupid team, quitters. COFFEE!

Things that don't melt, cactus, people who don't know when to quit.

"Tucker, there's a very fine line between not listening and not caring, I like to think I walk that line everyday of my life."

Building things, breaking things, and fixing things. I'm very "Thing" oriented.

Why I love the game:
How can I not? I get to kick back with my friends, shoot people in the face, and have a couple of cold drinks afterwards. It's win/win the way I see it.

First game:

Joined Pub Crawling:
It''s a long story...

Here is my tale:
Funny that, but paintball has been a part of my life for so long it seems natural. I'd have a hard time picturing myself doing something that doesn't involve it these days. I look for every moment and experience in the sport to take me one step closer in improving my game and myself. I like playing against people better than me because the best way for me to learn is from my mistakes, if there are no challenges in life then there can be no learning. Overall though I am your typical disaffected youth caught at the tail end of Generation X.

Kevin "Lemming" Verratti

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