Here at Pub Crawling we are constantly asked questions about this and that. Below is a list of the most asked questions, though some have been modified to answer several similar questions at once. Please feel free to send other questions to us at:

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Q: Do you guys really get drunk and play paintball?
Absolutely not! In no way do we condone the playing of paintball while under the influence of alcohol. We play paintball and then we celebrate by consuming tasty brewed beverages from around the world. Though generally our overall goal is to get off the field as soon as possible so we can begin celebrating right away.

Q: How long have you been playing?
Pub Crawling has been a team since 1993, though many of us have been playing paintball long before that.

Q: What's with the name?
The name is simple. Collectively we are Pub Crawling, two words, not Pubcrawling. Individually we are each Pub Crawlers. However the entire team is not Pub Crawlers, we are Pub Crawling. We are in the present tense of Crawl, not the past tense which is Crawled. Obviously the team could be called Pub Crawlers but that would mean that we were the individuals partaking in the act however the name is Pub Crawling being that we are the verb sense of the phrase. See, simple huh?

Q: Are you role models?
No, absolutely not. Do not pay any attention to those who say otherwise.

Q: Why do you travel so far and wide to play paintball?
Truthfully, we travel so often to play National Level Paintball put on by recognized national producers, such as MXS sportz, Millenium Painball productions, Viper Scenarios, and BlackCat Productions, as well as high level field produced games that have achieved "must play status". This keeps us constantly challenged.

Q: After 7 years of faithfully using the autococker why did you switch to the Eclipse Etek?
Because it was time.

Q: Can I join the team?
Your best bet is to try and hangout with us, "try" being the optimal word here, as we can be pre-occupied with our own problems. But we have been known to notice and recognize those who persevere. And if the truth be told, we have also been known to tease others who persevere, like life, it is a crap shoot.

Q: Are there any beers that you don't like?
Yes, there are many beers that we wouldn't drink if we were in the desert and on fire. We steer clear of all "Ice" beers, we don't bother with "Lite" beers, and if that is some kind of flavored malted beverage we see in your hand, be prepared to run. Granted that Maniac likes Fosters and has been seen with a Heineken in his hand, but we can't all be perfect. Though some of us come very close.

Q: What's the best thing about being a member of Pub Crawling?
Heheh. Heheh. You said, "thing" and "member", in the same sentence no less!

Q: What does Maniac need to know?
He only needs to know, "where they are".

Q: What is one of the most important things in paintball?

Q: Would you really turn down a free beer just because it didn't meet your "standards"?
Is that a real question? Wouldn't you?

We would also like to remind that Chuck Norris does not go hunting, he goes killing.

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