Eric "Lemonade" Thomsen

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Gatorade (Lime Rain)

The smell of Atomic Ordnance grenades in the morning.

The *wrrrrrrr* from the dentist''s drill, you think they would take care of that by now and make it sound better.

"Here, take 2, they''re cheap"

If it involves adrenaline I''ve probably done it and will probably do it again. Also, WoW, Electronics, Halo, Video Games in General.

Why I love the game:
Where else can you can legally hunt the (sometimes) most intelligent prey in the world?

First game:
Backyard ball in March 1998. First Organized field game in summer 1998, First Big Game in 1999, first Scenario in 2000

Joined Pub Crawling:
When I was kidnapped (2003) and conscripted in under gunpoint. (if you''re reading this send word to my parents that I''m still alive and I miss them)

Here is my tale:
I can also be found at the 2nd stool in from the end, between the bouncer and the jukebox. I''m also the D.D. Every good pub crawl needs one.

Eric "Lemonade" Thomsen

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