Brian "Big Red" Watkins

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Bass, Brador, any Sam Adams


Drinking beer, hanging out with my teammates, cooking.

Have you seen me? Like I'm picky if there's any doubt, just look at my choice of company.

"There's no running in paintball."

Paintball, video games

Why I love the game:
I truly enjoy spending time with my teammates, so I consider getting to play paintball with them a bonus. We have as much fun together on the field as we do off the field and I believe that is why we are able to make such an impact in the games we play. We all get along really well and spend time together doing things other than paintball, and I believe that has created the really strong bonds that keep our team great. It''s a great feeling knowing that the guys and girls around you won''t leave you hanging, on the field or off. So to sum it up, I love the game because of the teamwork and camaraderie it creates. Oh, and the adrenaline rush is also a big plus.

First game:
July, 1998, somewhere in BFE Harrison County, WV. First big game, Castle Conqest X at EMR.

Joined Pub Crawling:

Here is my tale:
I met MJ, Maniac and Chucky back in 1999 at Castle Conquest X. Medic, Barker and I had driven almost 7 hours for our first ever EMR event, and were very excited about the game. We went to bed around midnight so we would be ready to go in the morning, but little did we know that our lives were about to be irreversibly altered.

Not long after we had bedded down, the door to the bunkhouse flew open, and MJ, Maniac and Chucky announced, "We''re here!" and they began celebrating their arrival. We naively thought they would just crack a few beers to unwind and then they would pack it in and get some sleep. Boy, were we wrong. Long story short, at around 2:00 a.m. or so, we decided to join the festivities and we''ve been running with these guys ever since. And I wouldn''t change a thing about it either. The team has grown in numbers and reputation since then, and I''m very privileged and proud to be a part of it.

Brian "Big Red" Watkins

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