Matt "Medic" Ross

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Black & Tan

Fishing, my dogs, and of course paintball.

Work or pretty much anything that makes me think to much.

"Why do today what you can put off till tomorrow"

Paintball, fishing and most outside activities

Why I love the game:
The sense of friendship that makes my team a second family. Also the friends I meet all over the country.

First game:
Wheeling, West Virginia in 1990

Joined Pub Crawling:

Here is my tale:
I first met the original Pub Crawling in 1998. It was at EMR paintball park at around 1''oclock in the morning. My two friend''s Big red and Ozzy were sleeping in preparation of our first "big game" of paintball. With no KNOCK..KNOCK.  Without any warning at all, our three lives were changed forever in an instant when the front door of our bunkhouse was slung open and the announcement, "WE''RE HERE" filled the once quiet night. After a little persuasion, the three original occupants of the bunk arose and shared a few brews and introductions with our newfound friends and eventually teammates. The rest as they say is history.

Matt "Medic" Ross

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