Colin "MJ" Andrzejczyk

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Hoppy ales, such as India Pale Ales, and seasonals.

Good times, well run paintball games, and mirrors.

Airlines that shut everyone off due to the behavior of a few, unchecked arrogance, and crybabies.

"Do you know how far $60 will take you?"

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Why I love the game:
It takes me out of daily life and gives me the release I so desperately need, besides it sure beats going to jail for a meltdown in a public place.

First game:

Joined Pub Crawling:

Here is my tale:
I began playing paintball in 1986 and though I took a lengthy hiatus from the game, my memories always let me know I'd be back. Finally, I began play again ('93-'94), with the other charter members of the team: Maniac and Cynical Chuck. Being a part of the growth and transformation of the team from a renegade regional woodsball team to a National Scenario Paintball Team has been a blast. In 2001 I took over as captain from Cynical Chuck, who opted to step down from the responsibilities and wanted to shoulder them on me. I now know why he did that, it can be a job, but it is a good job. So here we are, going strong. If you ever get a chance, swing by and say hello.

Colin "MJ" Andrzejczyk

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