Bob "Bobnoxious" Young

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Honey Badger (Honey Jack and Coke)

Lots of targets, sportsmanship, great stories and drinks with friends. 

Running out of paint, air, targets or beer.

"Mal, Why would they lure us into their base? If they don''t shoot us, we should wipe them out and teach them a lesson!"

Paintball, Computers, Paintball Gun Whore

Why I love the game: 
Shooting people relieves a lot of stress.

First game: 

Joined Pub Crawling: 

Here is my tale: 
Started playing in 92 and was hooked from the first seconds on the field. I met Pub Crawling at EMR and didn''t totally hate them. I hit the road with them in 2005 as a friend of .  In 2007 I joined this clown troop and have been making merry at fields around the world ever since. 

Bob "Bobnoxious" Young

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