James "Pollock" Warshaw

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Anything to do with the beach, a surf board, and paintball and I''m sold.

Having to figure out life can suck sometimes.


Paintball, surfing, soccer, video games.

Why I love the game:
Pure adrenaline! And taking out all my frustration over the past month.

First game:
Back about almost 10 years ago at a scenario game at Paintball Heaven called Snow Ball Rally, a couple of friends from school invited me to go to this game with them. I decided what the hell why not so I did and loved it. Every since then I''ve been addicted to the sport.

Joined Pub Crawling:
A friend of mine, Shanks, invited me to a game at EMR. At the time I wasn''t able to attend but a couple of years later I took him up on the offer. At the game I met Pub Crawling and instantly felt like I was at home. After playing with them the next year at many events they invited me to join (2007) so I took them up on the offer!

Here is my tale:
No matter what Shanks says I'm not a burn out!

James "Pollock" Warshaw

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